Humans and environmental sustainability:
Lessons from the past ecosystems of Europe and Northern Africa

The conference will take place 26th – 28th February 2018 in Modena (Italy), at Complesso San Geminiano, headquarters of University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Organized by

LPP Laboratory of Palynology and Palaeobotany
Department of Life Science
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Main topics:

  • Interdisciplinary archaeological/botanical research
  • Focus on Northern Africa archaeo-environmental changes
  • From palaeoethnobotany to popular traditions
  • Environmental sustainability in a changing world: lessons from the past



The ISBN e-book including the CEA2018 long abstracts will be available before the conference.

At the end of the conference, contributors will be invited to publish their papers on IANSA (, free open-access indexed journal and traditional collaborator of CEA conferences.

Moreover, a Special Issue on Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050, open-access indexed journal, is also planned, which is guest edited by Anna Maria Mercuri & Assunta Florenzano of Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia).


This year, the CEA conference runs prize competition for the best contributions, selected on the basis of scientific merit and themes by the Scientific Committee and awarded the following prizes:

1) CEA 2018 Award: paper waived in the Special Issue “The Long-Term Perspective of Human Impact on Landscape for Environmental Change and Sustainability” ( of the open access journal Sustainability (1st best research project)

2) Italian Botanical Society – SBI Award: ‘La Flora in Italia/Flora of Italy’ by C. Blasi and E. Biondi (2nd best research project)

3) Italian Institute of Prehistory and Protohistory – IIPP Award: ‘Le pitture preistoriche della grotta di Porto Badisco’ / ‘The prehistoric rock paintings of the Deer Cave of Porto Badisco (Apulia)” by P. Graziosi (best contribution on environmental sustainability)

4) IIPP Award: ‘The prehistory of Melka Kunture (Ethiopia)’ by M. Piperno (best abstract on Africa environmental changes)

5) IIPP Award: ‘Excavations in the Riparo Valtenesi, Manerba’ by H. Bardfield (1st best abstract on interdisciplinary archaeological/botanical research)

6) IIPP Award: ‘Integrated Methodological Approaches to the Study of Lithic Technology’ (2011) (2nd best contribution on interdisciplinary archaeological/botanical research)

7) Society of Naturalists and Mathematicians of Modena – SNMM Award: one volume of the SNMM journal, the medal of the Society and affiliation 2018

Important Dates:

The abstract submission phase is over. Registration and Payment deadline should be February 15th 2018.

Should the registration and payment not be effected before the event, kindly make provision for on-site payment (late registration fee) at the registration desk on the days of the conference.

The 14th Conference of Environmental Archaeology will be organized at the Modena and Reggio Emilia University by LPP- Laboratory of Palynology and Palaeobotany and will be hosted by the Department of Life Science. Modena is a historically important town, built on a Roman-Medieval urban map with spectacular Italian architecture, located in the Po valley of northern Italy.

Multidisciplinary bio-geo-archaeo contributions on environmental reconstructions and palaeoecological research involving analyses of human and animal bones, plant macroremains, phytoliths, non pollen palynomorphs and pollen, sometimes also integrated to isotopic or molecular data, are welcome. We wish to include contributions from European countries, Mediterranean and Near East areas as well as the Northern Africa.

Workshop participants may present their research in form of short presentation or poster.

This year, the CEA conference will run the best abstract (research) prize competition: the winner will have the article processing charge waived for publishing his unpublished original work on a peer-reviewed open access journal. 


Regular registration fee: 160 €, and 180 € for late registration.
Field trip (optional): 25 €
Reduced registration fee (not permanent positions): 100 €, and 120 € for late registration.
Reduced registration fee (students, fellowships): 50 €, and 70 € for late registration.


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