The 14th Conference of Environmental Archaeology will be organized at the Modena and Reggio Emilia University by LPP- Laboratory of Palynology and Palaeobotany and will be hosted by the Department of Life Science. Modena is a historically important town, built on a Roman-Medieval urban map with spectacular Italian architecture, located in the Po valley of northern Italy.

Multidisciplinary bio-geo-archaeo contributions on environmental reconstructions and palaeoecological research involving analyses of human and animal bones, plant macroremains, phytoliths, non pollen palynomorphs and pollen, sometimes also integrated to isotopic or molecular data, are welcome. We wish to include contributions from European countries, Mediterranean and Near East areas as well as the Northern Africa.

Workshop participants may present their research in form of short presentation or poster.

This year, the CEA conference will run the best abstract (research) prize competition: the winner will have the article processing charge waived for publishing his unpublished original work on a peer-reviewed open access journal. 


Authors are invited to prepare an abstract using the Abstract Template provided below:

  • Abstract must be written in English language
  • You can submit a maximum number of 2 Abstracts (but you can be co-author of other contributions submitted by participants)
  • Each contribution consists of a title, a summary abstract (150 words, visible in the program), an Abstract (you must follow the Template)
  • We will prepare an e-book (free download) that will include all the accepted Abstracts

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