This year, the CEA conference runs prize competition for the best contributions, selected on the basis of scientific merit and themes by the Scientific Committee and awarded the following prizes:

1) CEA 2018 Award: paper waived in the Special Issue “The Long-Term Perspective of Human Impact on Landscape for Environmental Change and Sustainability” ( of the open access journal Sustainability (1st best research project)

2) Italian Botanical Society – SBI Award: ‘La Flora in Italia/Flora of Italy’ by C. Blasi and E. Biondi (2nd best research project)

3) Italian Institute of Prehistory and Protohistory – IIPP Award: ‘Le pitture preistoriche della grotta di Porto Badisco’ / ‘The prehistoric rock paintings of the Deer Cave of Porto Badisco (Apulia)” by P. Graziosi (best contribution on environmental sustainability)

4) IIPP Award: ‘The prehistory of Melka Kunture (Ethiopia)’ by M. Piperno (best abstract on Africa environmental changes)

5) IIPP Award: ‘Excavations in the Riparo Valtenesi, Manerba’ by H. Bardfield (1st best abstract on interdisciplinary archaeological/botanical research)

6) IIPP Award: ‘Integrated Methodological Approaches to the Study of Lithic Technology’ (2011) (2nd best contribution on interdisciplinary archaeological/botanical research)

7) Society of Naturalists and Mathematicians of Modena – SNMM Award: one volume of the SNMM journal, the medal of the Society and affiliation 2018